About John

John C. Lendvoy is an artist from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. About 8 years ago, after buying a do-it-yourself shoe kit from Simple Shoes, he found himself with some of the basic skills needed for leathercraft. Between classes and wrestling tournaments at the University of Regina, he was always able to find some time to hone his craft, slowly accumulating tools and techniques to elevate his work to the next level.

Each item John has ever made is uniquely one-of-a-kind. That means carefully measured, cut, tooled, stitched, and finished by hand. John makes sure everything he creates is done with the maximum amount of quality and attention to detail. He makes leather products that are functional and durable, while also being a unique piece of artwork.

John The Leatherman is currently based in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, but would be willing to work with you on your own piece wherever you are in the world!

Learn a little more by watching this video from 2012 made by Shaw T.V.

The Process

design Layer 1

Original Designs

Every design you see on this site started its life as lead from a pencil. I don't trace patterns from books or online, nor do I copy work from other artists. Using leather as a canvas, I am able to preserve my artwork into something that will last a lifetime.

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Hand Crafted

After the peice has been designed, the leather is measured and cut to size with a blade, the pattern is then tooled onto the leather by hand. The stain is applied and and edges are hand burnished. The position of every stitch is carefully planned, pre-punched, then placed with care. There are no machines involved in this process.

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Unique Products

Because of the individualized construction process, every piece I make is the first and last of its kind. Even if I tried to replicate a piece, it will always be a little unique in its own way.